PGA Championship Predictions & Analysis

Are you golfing fan? Do you know that the PGA championship is around the corner? Yes, it is expected to start on the 16th of May. However, what makes this tournament a must watch, is the return of Tiger Woods. Everybody is talking about this man, who has in the field of golfing since his childhood.

So everybody is seeing his return or his presence in 101st series of PGA champions to possess a huge impact. However, he will be among the other 70 golfing professionals and this implies that it will not be comfortable or easy to either him or those other competitors.

This remains a very difficult riddle on who will take home the Wanamaker’s trophy. Here we try to dig into this riddle and give our verdict.

Tiger Woods with the highest odds

Tiger woods who announced his availability in the PGA Championship a few weeks ago, returns with a huge winning is no doubt that everybody and any of his follower has a believing he beat everybody in the competition.

But as far as we contemplate and compared to what this unique man has achieved since his childhood, also makes have no say in such, it will neither be a surprise to us or his fans when he lifts the trophy.

Dustin Johnson a close competitor

Dustin Johnson is a very close competition and a threat to Tiger Woods. He steps in the competition with T2 record from the 2019 Masters Tournament. So, if Tiger Woods will lose then it will be to Dustin Johnson.

Rickie Fowler another favorite candidate

The Dustin Johnson and Tiger Woods will both meet a challenge from Rickie Fowler who comes to the black course tournament with T40 and T47 record from the Arnold Palmer invitation tournament and the player’s championship respectfully.

Final Words

This is only a prediction, and the real actions and results will be as from 16th of a fan who needs to follow everything, just look for ways to watch PGA Championship live.