Where Can I Watch NFL Play by Play and Highlights Live?

Each and every fall, the champions of the gridiron go to battle on NFL fields throughout the United States, and sometimes the UK. When fans are lucky, they can take in the games in-person. However, doing so can be pretty pricey. To avoid the big expense of seeing live games in-person, most fans do the next best thing and that’s watching it live on a TV or a mobile device. Not sure how to do this? No problem, here’s a quick rundown on where to watch NFL play by play and NFL highlights live.

If you want to watch the NFL on Game Day with play by play, here’s how to do it based on the day the games are being played:

Watch NFL Play by Play RoarTube Highlights

Sunday Afternoon Football

Games during the day can typically be watched live on the major broadcasting networks like CBS and Fox. If you live within the US, what game you get to watch depends upon where you live and what NFL sports team is closest to you. The one that’s closest to you is the one you’ll get to see. To watch others, you’ll have to subscribe to extra service with your cable provider or try to stream it online.

Sunday Night Football

The major broadcast network who carries Sunday Night Football is NBC. It’s shown nationally in the US, so, no need to find a streaming service for your TV unless you’re not near your TV and would like to watch it on a mobile device or tablet. If you want to go this route, then you’ll need to download the NBC app.

Monday Night Football

Games on Monday nights are carried on two different networks. The first is ESPN and the second is its parent station, ABC. There’s really no difference between the two except that one is on cable and the other is on broadcast TV. Like Sunday Night Football, if you’re not close to your TV to take it in, then you’ll need to download the ESPN or ABC app to stream it live.

Thursday Night Football

About halfway through the NFL season, teams start playing match-ups on Thursdays and this is tricky for people who want to tune in since the majority of the time, these games are shown on the NFL Network that is a cable channel, which requires a subscription. But, you can stream it live by downloading the NFL Network or finding different sites online.

Once the game day is over, no matter what the day, then it’s time to enjoy the NFL game highlights, top plays, and craziness of the games. Instead of waiting for Sportscenter on ESPN to see what happened, you can instead go online. Check out how to do it based on the highlights you’re looking for:

NFL Play by Play Highlights

Obviously, the big time names that come to mind to watch some big plays is the NFL.com, ESPN.com, and the other major sports networks. If you want to watch someplace different, go with a niche website such as RoarTube, and Recode. What’s nice about the niche sites is they let you search specifically what you want to see.

Pre-Season Highlights

The websites mentioned above are the same best options for seeing clips from pre-season NFL games highlights.

Regular Season Highlights

Yes, again the sites, NFL.com, ESPN.com, and the major sports networks plus the niche sites, Road tube and Recode are where you want to go. You could also check out your favorite team’s website along with social media to see videos shared by fans.

When it comes down to it, there are all sorts of ways to watch NFL play by play and highlights live without actually going to a game. If you’re a fan who wants to avoid paying big ticket prices, then you’ll be sure to take advantage of them.