Beginners guide to learn Rugby

The Rugby World Cup is just around the corner and for those who are interested in learning more about it, we have a beginners guide for you. This guide will help you when you are watching the Rugby World Cup 2019 live. Here are some of the best tips for watching this year.

Quick Rugby History

The history of rugby goes all the way back to 1823 and was started by a man named William Webb Ellis. Since its inception, it has become one of the most popular games in the world. During that time, a rugby team would take practically any man onto their team. These men did have to be in great physical condition to play.

So many Terms to Learn

There are quite a few terms when it comes to learning rugby. The first of these words is ruck. This is where a tackle has happened, and the players are working at getting the ball for their team. When ruck has been announced, no hands are allowed to touch the ball. Players can only touch it with their feet.

Another term to learn is maul. The maul is when there is a group of players that are all supporting the ball, but other players are trying to push others to the ground. This is like a large group tackle.

Scrum means that an offense has happened. A team can actually decide to scrum or not to scrum. Line-out happens with the ball goes out of bounds and the forwards on the team will line up. Players can attempt to steal the ball from here. There are many terms to learn when watching rugby and when you watch the Rugby World Cup this year, you will see discover that there are easier to learn when you watch. Bone up on your history and terms to get all you can out of this year’s World Cup.